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Our Area Rug Services

Area rug can be found in different rooms in many homes. Area rugs can help protect wood and tile floors, add color and texture to your home’s décor and serve as a cushion for your feet when standing for a long period of time. However, just like carpeting, area rugs can collect dirt, stains and odors and need to be clean thoroughly from time to time in odor to remain looking and smelling good.

Trying to clean your area rugs yourself can be extremely frustrating. Most rental carpet cleaners are designed to clean wall to wall carpeting and can end up bunching a smaller rug or tearing fringe away from the edges of your area rugs. In addition, since rental carpet cleaners are not well maintain, they often don’t clean your rugs as well as you need or want.

Here at Queens Carpet Cleaning we make having your area rugs professionally cleaned convenient and easy by giving you two different options for having your rugs clean.

Area Rug Cleaning Option One

The first area rug cleaning option we offer is the traditional rug cleaning option that most carpet cleaning companies offer. In this option you simply give us a call and set a time that is convenient for you for us to come and clean your rugs. We then arrive at the appointed time and clean your rugs right there and then while you attend to other chores, spend time with your family, or simply relax. As with our carpet cleaning services we keep make having your area rugs even more convenient by keeping extended cleaning hours from 8 to 8 and providing same day service for those unexpected breaks in your hectic schedule.

Area Rug Cleaning Option Two

Our second area rug cleaning option is even more convenient for people who are extremely busy and can’t always be home while their area rugs are being cleaned. In this option, you simply give us a call and arrange a time that is convenient for you and we will come and pick up your area rugs, take them back to our facility and clean them there before return them to you again at your convenience.

Pick up and delivery is free, we only charge for the cleaning itself.

Types and Sizes of Area Rugs We Clean

We clean all different sizes and types of area rugs from those small bedside or entry room rugs to larger rugs for your living room or dining room. We also clean area rugs made from the newest fibers to old family heirlooms. Types of rugs we clean include:

  • Persian
  • Turkish
  • Silk
  • Japanese
  • Indian
  • Shag
  • High or low pile
  • Polyester and Polyester blends
  • Handmade or machine made

If your area rugs are in need of a good cleaning why not give us a call at (347) 841-6920 and schedule and in home area rug cleaning or our pick up and delivery service or speak to our online representative right here on this website and let us know how we can be of service to you.

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